WFOUR Design


How to care for your new piece

Don't forget...your new piece is handmade with care using solid hardwood materials. These materials may change color over time. We strongly suggest moving objects placed on top of pieces weekly, specifically if the piece is located near natural light and for the first few months in it's new home.

Make sure to keep your piece away from direct sunlight, avoid using wax finish products such as pledge to clean your piece, use coasters and placemats to avoid marks and rings, clean any spills immediately, maintain a relative indoor humidity, and of course keep away from heat sources and open flames.

Wood movement is natural and to be expected. All of our work is built here in the Sierra Nevada's, more specifically just down the hill from Lake Tahoe in Minden, NV. This is a dry, high desert environment. An item shipped to a similar environment will have little to no movement however, an item shipped to a high moisture environment will experience much more movement, swelling, etc. We do everything we can to prepare for this movement but still have to warn you that it is natural.

For more information on caring for your specific piece please send us a conversation or email and we will be happy to help.